Ruler Apk Full Latest v2.3

Ruler Apk Full Latest Version:

Ruler ApkThe latest version has many good Functions without any ads. It is a beautiful, functional and easy to use app for your android device. Ruler Apk is a very useful Tools android apps available in the market for your mobile phone or tablet. It has inflicted scale, multiple units of length like, centimeter, meter or inch and used to measure the distance.

This software provides unit converter, calculation of the length, straight line, calculation of area, defining the thread pitch and caliper.

This app gives you Accuracy of measurement, Stylish design, Set the units like: cm, mm and inch.


How to install Ruler: First check your device available space. Download this app apk by clicking on the link then install Ruler apk and have fun.

Ruler Apk Full Latest v2.3


Ruler Video Trailer:

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Minimum Requirements: Your android device should have Android 4.0.3, Dual core processor or above version with at least one GB ram.

App version: Ruler 2.3

Official Source: Google Play Store

Publish/Released By: NixGame

Overall Rating: 4.5 star

Total Download: 5 lakh to 10 lakh

Application Size: 4.5 mb


Ruler Apk Latest Version features:

This latest version of this app improved a lot and some added function like Simple calibration, Easy to use and Measurement of the length with hold function.

Some more features like Measurement in Four modes: point, line, plane or level, Graph paper, vertical or horizontal line and translated to fifteen Languages.


Ruler Apk Full Free Download:

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