Headset Droid Apk Full Latest v1.28.2

Headset Droid Apk Full Latest Version:

Headset Droid Apk Full Latest v1.28.2latest version has many good Functions without any ads. It allows you to customise what the buttons on your headphones do. It gives you many other headset related functionalities while running in the background with minimal CPU usage. Headset Droid Apk is a very useful Music & Audio android apps available in the market for your mobile phone or tablet.

In this app you can export your settings to your SD card to switch between profiles or to back-up your settings.

This software provide Separate volume levels will remember the media volume when plugging your headset & restore it when plugging your headset later. Volume reset & rise will start where you set it to start and rises based on the long press delay.

Single click on the play or pause button answers or ends calls and Triple click repeats the caller name or number.


How to install Headset Droid: First check your device available space. Download this app apk by clicking on link then install Headset Droid apk and have fun.

Headset Droid Apk FullHeadset Droid Apk Full Latest v1.28.2


Headset Droid Apk Video Trailer:

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Minimum Requirements: Your android device should have Android 2.2, Dual core processor or above version with at least one gb ram.

App version: Headset Droid 1.28.2

Official Source: Google Play Store

Publish/Released By: TVK Development

Overall Rating: 4.1 star

Total Download: 5k to 10k

Application Size: 500 kb


Headset Droid Apk Latest Version features:

This latest version of this app improved a lot and some added function like Target a specific media player to control and Ear protection allows you to limit the volume level.

Some more features like Option to speak the name or number of the person calling, The buttons of the 5 above options are customisable.

A widget to quickly switch the targeted media player and Execute actions when plugging your headset in or out.


Headset Droid Apk Full Free Download :

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